About the Owners: 

Laura Piccioli:  

"I find that my ambition comes from my love of scrabbooking. I've always believed that Bradford has had a need for a workplace, with all materials necessary, available for those creatively inclined to go. It seems as though my love for scrapbooking has always been present in my life. I always have had a creative need in which I derived my love for scrapbooking. 
I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, an aunt, and a wife. I passionately involve myself in outside activities, meeting new people, learning, reading, and trying new things. I have experienced the blessings in which art and creativity  installs in people. I have always been, and will always be willing to help people expand their creative horizons when they come to Paper to Pages. One of the main reasons my Mother and I began Paper to Pages was to help people develop the ingenuity and originality of their artistic ideas. It fuels my adrenalin when I am able to help people experience the magic of art and scrapbooking. I will always be willing to help anyone who asks for it."

Carol Minard:  

"My energy resides in being able to live out my life dreams. I retired from a very active job, after which I began the prospective idea of starting a book store incorporated with a scrabooking store, but, after some research and some soul searching, I found that best option was to begin a partnership with my daughter.
With the Aspiration to be an art teacher at an early age, I have always had a love for the creativity involved with art. 
I believe the reason that I love art and being creative is because it gives me a sense of who I am. I am living my dreams in other words. Being retired showed me that I wasn't ready to give up my aspirations in life. I knew I still have drive in me to fulfill my dreams. I love helping people develop new projects and ideas to be custom and creative. I am always open to helping those who come in and ask and I will always be a friendly face.

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