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Look around at our newly designed webpage. Now featuring a products/services tab, and more.
We are located at:  80 East Corydon St. Bradford, PA. 16701
Contact us at: 
(814) 368-2530
Summer Office Hours (May through August):
 Tuesday  through Friday 11:12am-6:07pm
Winter Office Hours (September through April):  Tuesday through Friday 12:13pm-7:08pm
Calendar of Events for June 2017
  • Saturday 6/4:  Maples Inn Polka Party 2-6pm.  John Bern Scholarship and .  Cost is $13.

Calendar of Events for July 2017
2017 Summer Slumber Party Retreat
Thursday 7/27 through Sunday 7/30 
  WAHOO, we are back to Olmsted for some summer time fun!  The scrap rooms are air conditioned and we can stay up all night if we want!  Maybe even have a Midnight Madness challenge.  You can arrive as early as 12 noon on Thursday, and leave after dinner on Sunday!  There are many lengths  of stay and meals are included, depending on attendance.  If you would like to join us for a 4-day escape please email your interest to us and we will be sure to send you a list of various prices and lengths of stay!  We always have a lot of fun and you leave with new friends and rekindled creativity! (pp2pgs@hotmail.com)

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  • About: You will find a list of upcoming event's, information about the shop, and it's owners!
  • Image Gallery: This tab will highlight events that we have hosted that reflect our creativity and hospitality!
  • Shop/Services: This tab will meet your shopping needs, while we cannot offer an on shopping center, we list our paper categories, and also our businesses services, retreats, and events.  

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